Adidas Core Rollers (Pair)

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Adidas Core Rollers (Pair)

Developing core strength is imperative if you want to become stronger in all other aspects of your training, especially weight training.

Designed to engage the core muscles and strengthen the upper body, the robust and sturdy set of two adidas Core Rollers feature ergonomic hand grips to ensure you can perform your exercises with confidence.

The rolling motion of the equipment triggers hard to target muscles through a variety of exercises such as oblique and pike roll-outs. Having a roller to each hand adds a further level of intensity than using the traditional singular adidas ab wheel.

  • Designed to engage core muscles and strengthen the upper body.
  • Individual rollers can be used to train the core, arms, chest, shoulders and hips.
  • Robust, sturdy design with ergonomic hand grips
  • Rolling motion triggers hard to target muscles throughout a variety of exercises.

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