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Back Country Flameless Heater Pack

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The Back Country Flameless heater packs allow enjoying a hot satisfying meal, without the hassle of burners or billies. It’s also a safe alternative to gas or liquid stoves as it requires no open flame.

To cook a meal, all you need to do is add water to your Back Country Freeze Dried Meal, place it into the foil pouch and pour water into the inner heat pads to initiate the reaction. It roughly takes 20 minutes for the Heat Packs to reconstitute and heat the food thoroughly.

These heat pads can also be used with Back Country Flameless heater Pouches.

  • Easy and safe way to liquid fuel stoves
  • No fire needed
  • Cook a freeze dried meal inside the pouch
  • Heats 2 x one serves or a two serve meal
  • 1x Water Purification Tablet
  • 2 x High Power heating packs
  • Weight: 65g