Donic Carbotec 20 Table Tennis Bat

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Donic Carbotec 20 Table Tennis Bat

A Good Allround Paddle That Is Suited For More Competitive Player.

The Carbotec 20 racket is produced with a hollow handle. Therefore, the paddle head is heavier than the handle. You can see a turtle logo at the top of the handle.

Once you get your Carbotec 20, you may try to play for a few sessions with it. You may feel the racket itself is quite good for you to handle the ball. Also, the speed is quite reasonable for you to make the shot. Nonetheless, you may discover some weird sound which is caused by the carbon material, rubber or the hollow of the racket.

Overall, it is a good Allround paddle that is suit for more competitive player for defensive game. It is a standard racket for all types of players.

– Material: 20% Carbon
– Handle: concave and anatomic
– Rubber: Champion-QRC
– Sponge: 1.9mm
– Speed: 100, Spin: 80, Control: 90

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