Donic Schildkröt 3 Star White Super Table Tennis Balls

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Donic Schildkröt 3 Star White Super Table Tennis Balls

Used In Major International Tournaments

 Schildkröt is the oldest table tennis ball manufacturer and is the company that in 1889 developed the blowing-pressing method used to make ping pong balls, and that's still used today by virtually all manufacturers. Schildkröt has perfected the art of making table tennis balls. Their 3-Star Champion table tennis balls are their latest model. Made from ABS, these new balls follow the trend of other major ball brands as this material tends to produce better ball performance and is highly favored by many players. These Champion balls are ITTF-approved and used in major international tournaments. Before they leave the Schildkröt factory, they undergo rigorous tests that are even stricter than those defined by the ITTF. Schildkröt built their own table tennis ball manufacturing plant in China to ensure their high quality standards and German engineering perfection are incorporated into every ball they produce. Looking for the perfect ball? Look no further, you've found it—perfectly round, perfect weight, perfect bounce! 

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